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Stitch Exploration Kal

Hey everyone and welcome back! Usually, My post are all about my projects and experiences with crochet. But today I’m going to dedicate this post entirely to knitting. you must be wondering why? That’s because my Mum, who loves knitting has decided on joining a KNIT A – LONG, So I thought why not…

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With the current Coronavirus Pandemic on and places lockdown everywhere, in the month of June, I decided to sign up for a CROCHET- A-LONG called the STITCH EXPLORATION CAL on Instagram and Facebook hosted by three wonderfully talented crochet designers. But before getting down to details, let me walk you through a brief introduction on what…

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Crochet Essentials!

Hey, Everyone! In today’s post I will be blogging on crochet essentials. I guess, like me anyone who loves crochet must have at some point looked up and Googled up to hunt for one of these essentials that I’m addressing in this post. So what are these crochet essentials that I’m referring too. They…

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