Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Caroline. A crocheter from Mumbai, India and very much the face behind The Yarn Over. My intention behind starting this blog is to share my Free Crochet Patterns and my experience with other crochet projects which inspire me.

My love for crochet grew in my schooling days looking at my mother knit and crochet beautiful things out of yarn. Back in those days with ample yarn around the house myself and my elder sister began crocheting a “Granny Square blanket” and believe me we both ended up using all the yarn possible we had around the house. I still have and cherish that blanket till date, but unfortunately due to the hot and humid weather of Mumbai never ended up using it. That’s how I developed my passion for crochet and then onwards, I have been on and off crocheting things to beautify my home.

I’m very inspired by the creation of other designers and appreciate what they do. Love learning and exploring new techniques, stitches, patterns and also love participating in fun events like crochet alongs.

It’s only recently that, I began designing my own patterns and I’m totally loving the whole process from designing to sharing because there is so much to learn.

So come join me on my crochet journey.

You can follow me on Instagram @theyarnover

Happy Crocheting!