Decoding The Secret Language of Crochet!

WHAT DOES HOTH MEAN? Was a question asked by a crocheter on an online crochet group an few weeks ago. I’m sure like me that week, you too are wondering what does this term in crochet mean? If you are new to crochet or have been crocheting for a while now or for that matter new to the crochet community online, you have surely come across some weird term, which has left you thinking, “what the hell on earth was my fellow crocheter talking about?”

Just like the internet which is brimming with a whole load of different terms and acronyms these days, the crocheting world has a fair share of them too. Trust me! We crocheter have a language of our own. It’s more like a secret code, which only we as crocheter understand and can relate too.

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So what are these terms and acronyms and what do they really mean?

These terms and acronyms are nothing but phrases that are abbreviated and used by crocheters while showing off their work in an online post or used while communicating with a fellow crocheters, commonly known as Crochet slang.

So let me decode some of those funny yet useful terms and acronyms for you. So the next time you are communicating with a fellow crocheter or have joined a new crochet group online, you are ready to speak the language of crochet rather then feeling left out and not knowing entirely what they are talking about.

Here is a list of terms and acronyms along with what they all really mean:

  1. Ami – Amigurumi.
    • The Japanese art of making crochet or knitted stuff toys and animals.
  1. Bistitchual
    • Used to describe a person who knits as well as crochets.
  1. CAL/KAL – Crochet Along/Knit Along.
    • An event where crocheters/knitters come together rather virtually these days to crochet/knit the same pattern, at the same time.
  1. C2C – Corner to Corner.
    • C2C is a very common technique used in cochet, where a project is crocheted from corner to corner diagonally creating a texture of small blocks or tiles. This stitch is used while crocheting blankets or afghan.
  1. Crojo – Crochet mojo
    • Crojo is derived from mojo. A combination of crochet skills along with the power of mojo.
  1. De – Stashing
    • Selling or giving away considerable amount of your yarn supplies.
  1. FOTH/HOTH/FO – Fresh off the hook/Hot off the hook/Finished object.
    • Meaning the same, they are used to describe the crochet project you have just finished.
  1. Frog or Frogging – To undo one’s work.
    • Used to describe a project where you need to rip out the stitches already made. Like in case you have made a mistake or if you are not satisfied with the end result, you “Rip it, Rip it like a frog”
  1. FS – For Sale.
    • A crochet project or yarn that’s displayed on sale publicly, online or at a craft sale.
  1. Hooker
    • Refers to all the Crocheters out there who are proud of their craft. I’m proud to be called a hooker, are you?
  1. HSPY – Have not started project yet.
    • Used when referring to a project you have not yet started.
  1. ISO – In Search Of.
    • Used mostly when someone is in search of a pattern or yarn.
  1. JAYGO – Join as you go.
    • A technique where you join crochet Motifs as you progress in your work, rather then joining all the motifs in the end.
  1. LYS – Local Yarn Store.
    • Needs no eplaination. Your local yarn store where every crocheter/knitter loves spending time and probably all your money too.
  1. MAM – Mile a Minute Technique.
    • MAM crochet patterns are made by making long stripes of crochet fabric and later joining them. It’s is something similar to granny squares.
  1. MGBTC – Must Get Back To Crochet.
    • Used by a person who needs to get back to crochet after a break.
  1. NCR – Not Crochet Related.
    • Used while posting something that is not related to crochet, mainly in online crochet groups which have rules to follow.
  1. OCB – Obsessive Crochet Disorder.
  1. PABLE/SABLE – Pattern/Stash Accumulated Beyond Life expectancy.
    • I think it means those patterns or yarn stash that is kept for a very long time or beyond its set life.
  1. PHD/UFO – Project half Done/Unfinished object
    • A crochet project that is half done or not yet finished. They are similar to WIP.
  1. PIGS – Project in Grocery Sack.
    • This may be used by a person who loves to carry their current crochet work in a grocery bag or who loves to store their crochet stash in a grocery sack.
  1. PTO – Permission to post.
    • Generally used in online crochet group where you need to seek permission to post.
  1. Stash
    • Stash is a word used to describe the collection of all the yarn supplies you possess.
  1. Stash – Busting
    • Stash busting means to crochet smaller projects, which require a considerable amount of yarn with the deliberate intention of reducing your yarn supplies.
  1. TALC – Take Along Crochet.
    • For all crocheters who love to carry along your crochet project.
  1. TIA – Thank you in advance
  1. Toad – Trashed object abandoned in disgust.
    • Used may be when a stitch or a technique wasn’t working out and you got frustrated and decided to abandon it.
  1. USO – Unstarted Object.
    • A crochet project that you have yet to start.
  1. WIP – Work in progress.
    • Used to describe a crochet/knitting project you are currently working on.
  1. Yarn Cake – Ball of Yarn.
    • The ball of yarn you end up with after winding a skein of yarn by means of a winding machine or by hand
  1. Yarn Barf or Yarn Vomit
    • It just means a tangled mess of yarn, which gets you frustrated while trying to untangle.
  1. Yarnie – A person who loves yarn.
    • A big HELLO to my YARNIE friends!
  1. Yarn Bomb
    • A object that have been covered with crochet or knitted fabric.
  1. YAP – Yet Another Project.
    • Used when you have found yourself yet another project to crochet.
  1. Yarn Chicken.
    • It’s kind of a funny game to play with yourself when you have a very small amount of yarn left to finish your project, but there is a huge possibility that you don’t have enough and still give it a try and win 🏅 or may be not😒

The list of crochet slangs can go on and on, but with most of them decoded, I hope speaking the language of crochet will be of no problem now.

I have tried to explain most of the terms and acronyms in this post, but if you know of any other term that i may have missed or i may have not mentioned, you can leave me a comment in the comment section below(But no spam comments please).

Happy Crocheting!

4 thoughts on “Decoding The Secret Language of Crochet!

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve been in a place where some were really good at this slang. There were many answers that started with “what does (abb) mean?” and some simply gave up because they needed a list on the side to decode. It can be a quick way to communicate between crocheters but also disheartening for those who aren’t hard-core. Maybe it’s a balance..


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