Three Wise Men: Amigurumi Crochet Nativity Scene Add On.

In my previous blog, I had posted about my crocheted Nativity Scene, using a pattern by Lalala toys. This post comes as an update to my previous blog with three more characters, The THREE WISE MEN. Personally, I think that no nativity scene is complete without these 3, So I finally decided to include them.

To make the 3 Wise Men, I have referred to a lot of different patterns to attain the finished product you see. For the Face and Hands of all 3 wise men, I have followed the pattern given for Joseph. (Check my previous post of the link) However, I have edited the pattern for the body. For the Headgears and Gifts, I have followed various patterns, I came across on the internet. I have given two of them Capes and one a veil.

May be during the coming year, I will update this post with all the required information on how to make these.

So please don’t forget to check back during the year.

Happy Crocheting!