Amigurumi Christmas Nativity scene.

Feliz Navidad! To all reading this post.

It’s christmas time in the city and there is no better way to celebrate Christmas, then by recreating the Nativity Scene. As a child and even now, I have always had a thing toward recreating the Nativity Scene. So come October, I began thinking, what my nativity scene is going to look like for that year and perhaps the year 2020 was no different. It was on one such occasion, while browsing through my Instagram feeds, that I came across this pretty cute looking Amigurumi Nativity Scene and was instant taken up by its beauty and all the intricate work done by its maker. I instantly knew, I had found my next crochet project as well as my nativity scene for that year.

Things that followed next is obvious to very crocheter, I began to google up in search for a pattern with the help of the same picture, I had found on my feeds. But to my bad luck, all I could find were a lot of pictures with no pattern, whether free or paid. Pretty disappointed, I then began looking for similar patterns to the nativity scene and that’s when I came across The Belen Nativity scene pattern by Lalala toys on Pinterest and finally decided to go ahead with it as well as up my crochet game with my first try at Amigurumi.

For those of you who have no clue as to what Amigurumi is all about, here is a brief Introduction.

What is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn dolls or toys. The word Amigurumi is made up of two Japanese words ami, meaning “crocheted or knitted”, and nuigurumi meaning “stuffed dolls or toys”. So overall you see, the meaning is not as complicated as the word itself.

About the pattern…

This Amigurumi Nativity Scene is a Pattern by Lalala toys. Overall the pattern is very easy with clear instructions to follow and very quick to make as well. The pattern, however is written entirely in Spanish and had to be translated. But these days with access to the internet or Google for that matter, a language barrier is not something we can’t overcome. There are a lot of crochet site, offering a glossary of Spainsh crochet term along with its English translation. The entire Nativity scene comprises of 5 characters i.e Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, a donkey and a ox.

Joseph and Mary

(At the end of this post, you will find a glossary (list) of Spanish crochet term along with its English translation)

Materials you will need to crochet this Nativity scene…

  • 1 ball of yarn (approx 25gms) each in all the colours you see.
  • The pattern calls for 2:50 mm crochet hook. (Though, I have used a 2 mm crochet hook)
  • 5 pairs of Safety eyes.
  • Fibre fill for stuffing all the characters.
  • Tapestry Needle to sew all the parts together.
  • Scissors to cut off excess yarn.
  • Stitch Marker
Donkey and Ox

Approx size of all the characters…

All the characters are approximately 5“ to 6” tall in height.

Where will you find the Pattern…

You will find this Amigurumi Nativity Scene pattern on the Lalala toys website as a free pattern download.

Baby Jesus

Some extra useful tips..

  • I always advice using a stitch marker to mark the beginner of each round while crocheting in spirals, as it will only make your life more easier and you will have to count less.
  • To make the figures stand and not topple over, I have inserted a round flat plastic disc at the bottom. You could also use a round piece of cardboard instead of plastic.
  • I highly recommend using Fibre fill for stuffing of all the figures, as fibre fill is lightweight and has a certain amount of bounce and softness to it. It also helps you to properly shape your figures as well as retain its shape when squeezed or squashed around. While fillings like cotton or scraps of yarn may not yeild you the same result.
  • Do not over or under fill your figures. As doing so well only result in your figures being to stuffy, hard and disfigured or deflated and empty.
  • While decreasing, I have used The Invisible sc decrease technique.
  • If you are unable to get your hands on safety eyes or if you are a beginner at Amigurumi and don’t want to invest in safety eye, then you could use beads or black floss to embroider the eyes on.

Some common Crochet terms in Spanish with its English translation….



Stitch/es Punto/s
Chain cadeneta / cadena
Slip Stitch Punto enano (pe)/ Punto raso
Single Crochet Punto Bajo
Double Crochet Punto alto doble (pad) / Punto alto
Half Double Crochet Medio punto alto
Treble Crochet Triple punto alto doble
Increase Aumentar
Decrease Disminuir
Magic Ring (MR) Anillo / Anillo mágico
Turning Chain Cadena De Subida

I would like to credit Lalala Toys for this amazing pattern.

Happy Crocheting!

All the pictures you see in this post are made by me, using the respective designer’s pattern.So if you happen to make this cardigan, please don’t forget to credit the designer by linking back to them respectively.


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