Learn how to Crochet The Magic Ring and its Alternate Methods.

The Magic Ring is always used while crocheting in the round. It’s the most important technique one should learn, specially if you love crocheting Amigurumi project as it helps attain a tightly closed center without any hole. The Magic Ring is an advanced technique, which may need some practice to master but it’s completely worth it.

As compared to the Magic ring, there are other alternate methods which can be used in place of the magic ring depending on what you are crocheting.

In this post, I will show you 3 methods and which method works best, depending on the type of crochet project you are making.

The 3 method shown in this post are:

  1. The Chain Ring Method
  2. The Chain Two Method
  3. The Magic Ring

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1. The Chain Ring Method.

This method can be used when crocheting projects like Doilies, Granny Squares, lacey Motifs, etc as this method will leave a hole in the center. The ring created by this method will not be adjustable i.e you will not be able to close the center tight later as well as it is a bit bulky in the middle. Some patterns call for this type of method, mentioning the number of chains you require to make.

Let’s begin crocheting this method:

To begin this method, start by making a desired number of chains and then join it, forming a ring with a slip stitch in the first Chain stitch. (Note, the more number of chains you make, the larger the hole in the center will be)

For Example: In the photo below, I have began by making 6 chains (Fig: 1) and then joining with a sl st in the first chain stitch, thus forming a ring (Fig: 2 & 3). Then by making required number of chains depending on the stitch you are gonna use in next round. Like here I have done a ch 1 as my next round will be in single crochet (Fig: 4). (Hence,if your next round is gonna be a double or treble crochet, then you will make 2 or 3 chains respectively). Then, I have made 8 single crochet into the chain ring, I just created and completed the round with a slip stitch into the first stitch (Fig: 5 & 6). Next you will continue as per your pattern.

2. The Chain Two Method.

The Chain 2 Method is an easy, simple and great alternative to the magic ring. This method is used to make amigurumi, where a tightly closed center is required. However, with this chain 2 method, sometime you can still be left with a small hole in the center. This method works best with the single crochet stitch.

Let’s begin crocheting this method:

Start by chaining 2 and then making the required number of single crochets in the second ch from the hook.

For example: In the picture, I have started with a ch 2 (Fig: 1) and then by working 7 sc in the second ch from the hook (Fig: 2 & 3) and then completed the round with a sl st in the first stitch or with a sc if working in a spiral (Fig: 4 & 5). Then by continuing as per the instructions of my pattern (Fig: 6)

3. The Magic Ring.

Finally, we have reached the most important part of this post i.e The Magic Ring. This method is widely used to make projects like Amnigurumi. This is a full proof method to ensure that you don’t end up with any hole in the center. Thus making your project compact and neat.

Let’s begin crocheting this method:

Step 1: Holding the tail end of the yarn in the open side of your hand (Fig: 1), wrap the working side of the yarn around your first two fingers (Fig 2) in a way that, the working side of the yarn crosses the tail end of the yarn on the top side of your hand (Fig 3) .

Note: When I use the word working side of yarn, I mean the yarn that is connected to the skein or ball.

Step 2: Insert your hook under the tail end of the your yarn and on top of the working side of the yarn (Fig: 4). Now grabbing, the working side of the yarn, Pull through and draw up a loop, twisting it. (Fig 5 & 6).

Step 3: Chain 1 (Fig 7) or make as many chain as your pattern calls for, For example, if you are making Single Crochet stitches into the loop, chain 1. If you are making Double Crochet stitches, chain 2 and so on.

Step 4: Make the required number of stitches your pattern calls for into the loop you just created. Remember, you will be now crocheting into the loop and over the tail end as well. For example: In Fig: 8, I have made 7 Single crochets into the loop I created.

Step 5: After you have made the required number of stitches in the loop, close the loop by pulling the tail end of your yarn, while holding the working side tight. As you do this, you will notice all the stitches will come together, leaving you with no hole in the center (Fig: 9) .

Step 6: Complete this round with a Slip stitch or if you are working in a spiral with a Single crochet in the first stitch on your ring (Fig: 10). Now you can start your next round and continue as per your pattern (Fig: 11).

Since, you have now learned these 3 methods, its pretty easy to find the difference and choose which method work best. Though, I personally prefer the Chain Two method, as it is simple and easy as well as it yields the same result as the Magic Ring, I still recommend learning and mastering all the methods for your future crochet projects.

So which is your favourite method? Do let me know in the comment section above.

Happy Crocheting!

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